covid-19 Office Policy

covid 19

Attention Patients

In light of the transmissibility of the Delta variant, we have updated our COVID guidelines. As of 8/26/21 the following rules are in effect:

Masks are mandatory for all patients over 2 years of age and all visitors, regardless of vaccination status. This regulation is set by CDC guidelines which stipulates that all health care facilities must comply with the San Mateo County Health Department Mandate. Masks must completely cover your nose and mouth and be kept on at all times while in our building. Vented masks are not acceptable.

All non-vaccinated patients and visitors over 12 years of age are required to wear a KN95 or N95 at all times while in the building.

Provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR or NAT COVID test within 72 hours of your first office visit. This also applies to patients who have not been seen in our office in 3 years.

  • Once documented, your vaccination records are not required for subsequent visits.
  • Non-vaccinated patients must also re-test for subsequent appointments if outside of the 72- hour period.

No visitors are allowed to accompany patients, unless the patient has special needs or is under 18 years of age.

All patients and visitors are screened for symptoms prior to entering the clinic, which includes temperature checks. We will not permit anyone with viral symptoms or a fever to enter the building.

All patients and visitors must wait 10 days after international travel prior to entry.

We are faced with unprecedented challenges as we strive to continue to care for our patients throughout this pandemic. Delays are now common in our schedule due to higher than usual patient needs, difficulty communicating with our patients due to masks, difficulty working while masked and staffing shortages in healthcare. We therefore respectfully request your patience and grace during your office visit. We can provide telehealth appointments to you upon request.