Our Mission

Ear Associates and Rehabilitation Services (EARS) Inc. is the premiere Otology/Neurotology practice in the Bay Area. Our mission is to improve our patients’ quality of life by restoring or improving the functions of the ear. We are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and have an elite clinical team of physicians, audiologists and hearing aid specialists. We offer tertiary care of all ear-related problems in the convenience of a private practice. Our practice offers a variety of highly specialized diagnostic tests of hearing, balance and facial nerve disorders that utilize the latest medical technology. Our physicians, physician assistant, hearing aid specialists have the finest training and experience.

For expert treatment, trust the experts

EARS has over 35 years of experience in addressing hearing and balance disorders as well as other medical issues of the ear.

Some of our services include:

  • Audiological evaluation for all ages
  • Hearing aid dispensing and repair
  • Cochlear and middle ear implants
  • Bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) implants
  • Surgery for chronic ear disease
  • Surgery for otosclerosis (stapedotomy procedures)
  • Treatment for Meniere’s disease and other vertigo
  • Treatment for facial nerve disorders
  • Acoustic neuroma surgery

Hear Better, Live Better

Experiencing hearing loss is difficult, frustrating and isolating. We are here to provide you with the most current medical information in hearing science and guidance to help comfort you and review your options with you. Our certified and licensed audiologists work together with the medical staff to bring you unmatched evaluation and care of your hearing loss. Our team approach brings sophisticated diagnostics and the very best of medical/ surgical care to patients of all ages. As some causes of hearing loss are surgically reversible, or better helped with surgery, a medical evaluation of your hearing loss is advantageous and sets EARS Inc. apart from other hearing aid facilities. Multiple new implantable technologies also now exist to improve hearing, and you will be informed and counseled if you qualify for alternatives to hearing aids. From the simplest to the most complex ear problems, EARS can help.

Excellence in Hearing Aid Technology

If hearing aids are indicated for your hearing loss, we offer a full team of audiologists trained in all aspects of hearing science, hearing disorders, sophisticated diagnostic procedures and amplification systems. Hearing aid technology has rapidly improved in the last few years. Now hearing aids are more discrete, reliable, and better able to suppress background noise. The stigma associated with wearing hearing aids is now a thing of the past. We carry all different styles of digital hearing aids, produced by leading manufacturers, to give you more options depending on your hearing loss, lifestyle, and preferences. We will help you choose the best hearing aids and assistive devices, while also working within your budget. You will be given a trial period with appointments to fine tune your new hearing aids, ensure satisfaction and make this life adjustment a smooth one. Our dedicated hearing aid staff is also available to evaluate your current aids and inform and discuss new options and technology. We also offer hearing protection, custom swim and musician plugs and molds for cell phones and iPods.